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Where There’s Is a Home There's MASTER Where there is a Home there is Master. To be present in every house and enhance the beauty all around. This very idea is what Master Sanitary Ware is built around, and remains the principle behind its each design. Each outcome depicts a story of dedication and craftsmanship. Precise measures, virtue of structure, choice of material and heavenly completion play an important role. Choosing the materials is a top priority and here at Master they should be of most noteworthy quality. The items and collections in this book ought to be seen uniquely crafted, considered and acknowledged for its convincing details and perfect art. Elegance, sophisticated and always Inspiring. Welcome to Master Sanitary Ware.

Basins Pedestal

From Rs: 5738

One Piece Toilet

From Rs: 22420

Wall Hung Toilets

From Rs: 20442

Wall Hung Basin

From Rs: 10802


From Rs: 7728


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