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Brite Sanitary Ware has grown beyond the borders of Pakistan and become one of the important player in the global markets since it was founded more than 20 years ago. Blending its respect for people with respect for nature and by swiftly adapting to our modern age in which the changes are taking place in a much more accelerated fashion, Brite Sanitary Ware has been operating successfully thanks to its professionals and strong infrastructure. . The company has been meeting the orders coming from Pakistan and abroad without any problems through its production facility. Brite Sanitary Ware has become one of the most competitive organizations operating in the local and global markets. . The expert professionals of the company stay in tune with the latest technologies to be able to go beyond expectations. Brite Sanitary Ware added value by developing innovative and extraordinary products and contributes in Pakistan’s competitive positioning in the global markets. With its expert professionals, innovative technologies, extraordinary designs of the latest trends, new and original product segments, Brite Sanitary Ware rightfully boasts being one of the most important global player in Pakistan.

Basins Pedestal

From Rs: 3730
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One Piece Toilet

From Rs: 20698
stdClass Object ( [price] => 35024 [price_with_discount] => 20697.95 )

Two Piece Toilets

From Rs: 14140
stdClass Object ( [price] => 25561 [price_with_discount] => 14140.1 )

Wall Hung Toilets

From Rs: 17309
stdClass Object ( [price] => 26629 [price_with_discount] => 17308.85 )

Wall Hung Basin

From Rs: 17027
stdClass Object ( [price] => 26195 [price_with_discount] => 17026.75 )

One Piece Basins

From Rs: 19410
stdClass Object ( [price] => 29862 [price_with_discount] => 19410.3 )

Asian Toilet Seat - Squatting Pan

From Rs: 3612
stdClass Object ( [price] => 6267 [price_with_discount] => 3612.05 )

Uper Counter Basins

From Rs: 7062
stdClass Object ( [price] => 25799 [price_with_discount] => 7061.6 )

Under Counter Basins

From Rs: 9625
stdClass Object ( [price] => 13750 [price_with_discount] => 9625 )


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